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Office Interior Cycles

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Office Interior Cycles

blendmade - High quality Blender 3D models
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Complete office scene rendered with Cycles.

Blender scene with full render and compositing settings.

No external post production.

All post production is done under Blender Compositor.

The scene could be used to explore, learn, append or any kind of purpose.

Shaders in the scene are simple and easy to adjust at any time.

Scene assets are easy to append in other scenes.

Simple and easy to navigate trough the scene.

It contains office assets, books, decoration objects.

Original textures and UV mapped.

Blender Units 1m

Blender 2.83 and above compatible.

Purchasing this product you agree that you are not allowed to resell, redistribute or repackage the purchased product. But you are allowed to use it in commercial and personal projects.

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Complete office Blender scene for Cycles

UV mapped and textured objects
Original textures and materials
Interior light setup for Cycles.
Cycles render setup
Compositing setup
150 MB
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